Broken Car Key Extraction

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Broken Car Key Extraction

Removing your car key from your ignition has to be one of the easiest things around but if your key won’t come out without a tussle then you should consider contacting our professional services at We take charge and get the job done for you in no time at all. We are experts in key extraction services and our professional jurisdiction covers both residential and commercial contexts.

Here is a quick guide on what you need to know about our services

In situations when your key is broken in your ignition or your key due to some other reason won’t come out, you may need to replace or might not need to replace your ignition cylinder depending in the diagnosis of our professional locksmith.

Needing a replacement for your ignition cylinder is largely based on how much of the broken pieces are inside the lock cylinder. If the pieces are close enough to an extraction point that will cause no damage to your ignition, we will gladly get it done without prescribing a replacement for you.

On the flip side if your keys broke off in a very delicate part due to the application of force, the most outcome is that your ignition would be irreparable and a replacement is inevitable.

How Long Does It Take To Fix Your Ignition?

Car ignitions only look difficult when you try to fix it yourself, otherwise our professional services always come out victorious in about 15-25 minutes depending on if you don’t insist we sip a cup of coffee in the process. Please bear in mind that our extraction service completion time also depends on how bad the breakage is in your ignition or door lock as the case might be. Although your car could still start with a broken piece in your ignition, we advise that you do not attempt it as this often leads to further damage.

Why Should You Hire Locksmith Guaranteed?

Our professional services are the best because we are highly versed in lots of extraction processes. We assess the situation of your ignition and proceed with the most suitable extraction that is very cost efficient and will keep your car intact. Our mobile team are ready to be dispatched to your location as soon as we get a notification from you.

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