Broken Key Extraction

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Broken Key Extraction.

Keys can get trapped into the lock, when this occurs application of force usually lead to breaking of key into the lock. Both the trapping of key and the extraction will require the expertise of a locksmith. A professional locksmith will carry out the extraction of the key to ensure that it does not affect the functioning of the lock. When you have a scenario where a key is trapped and isn’t removable, do the following;

  1. Avoid the use of force. If the key won’t go in or out, that means it is trapped and won’t move unless a professional is invited.
  2. Call our professional locksmith immediately and they will fix the door before you know it.

However, this is not usually the case, it often leads to breaking of the key insider the lock. When this occurs, it is totally beyond you as a non-professional. You will need the expertise of our professionals in this circumstance. Else, you will be trapped inside or outside of your residence.

Upon calling our professionals, they arrive with specialized equipment which is used in removing the trapped or broken key. This process does not involve destroying of the locks, a new key can be provided. However, by applying crude means in extracting the keys on your own, it often leads to rendering the lock nonfunctional with the approach you’ll use in extracting the key.

It’s perfectly alright if your key breaks isn’t the lock. What is not alright is forcefully removing the broken key. A locksmith professional will expertly extract the key without leaving a trace on the door. There may be a need to re-key the locks if you don’t have a spare.

Our professionals are just one call away, don’t stress yourself and incur cost for a new lock

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