Re-Keying Existing Locks

  • A stiff lock
  • Key stuck in the lock
  • Entire lock cylinder rotates
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Re-Keying Existing Locks

Imagine a whole house where you have not less than 20 doors each with it’s own separate key. It can be quite daunting to find the right key for a particular door. The task of trying and trying multiple keys before locating the right one isn’t a pretty sight. Which is why you may need to consider rekeying all your locks to work with a single key or a certain part of the house to work with a single key.

You may want to ask that why you should you invite a professional locksmith to help re-key all your existing locks, we’ll tell you;

  1. Time Saving

Just to gain entrance into your garage in the event of an emergency or haste, you find yourself battling and fumbling with scores of keys. There’s no time to do all that, with a single key you’ll have access to wherever you need to in the house.

  1. Preventing Worn Out

You are going to need to change all your locks if you keep on trying different keys on different locks. It’s not the stress and cost when you can re-key all locks to work with a single key.

Cost Effective

Rather than changing your entire locks, our professional locksmiths will carry out their magic on your locks hardware. You will only need a single key to access all the locks, not a new set of locks.

Re-keying of locks is one of the areas of expertise of our professional locksmiths. Rather than having a new lock, only the inner working of your locks are changed and modified in order to work with a particular key.

You can decide to re-key all your locks in the following scenarios;

  1. To use a single access key for all locks
  2. You want to save cost by avoiding total replacement of locks
  3. A new homeowner who needs to ensure the house is safe
  4. Renting out your property and you want to be sure of the safety of the locks.

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