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Key Programming

Programming your key or fobs is a simple task for us at Locksmith Guaranteed but you wouldn’t understand how good we are at it till you hire our services. No one is excluded from life’s uncertainty like forgetting your password, missing your step on the stairs or misspelling a word, add to that list, misplacing your key or dropping it hard by mistake. In case you lose your key or you have issues with what you currently have, we are ready to help you out of your situation. So when this unpleasant situations come knocking, keep your head up and call on us.

Common Key Problems

Key is flashing all the time but your doors won’t open

This could be something little like a low battery or it could be a transmission issue and your key needs to be reprogrammed. Whatever it is, our team will diagnose and with a simple re-coding of your key, you’ll be back your wheels.

Missing buttons or broken transmitter fob

These are common issues and our team will either address by replacing or recoding your key as the case might be

Need a spare or trying to replace a lost key

TThese are technical issues but our highly skilled technicians will sort it out for you with much ease

Your situation is a bit complex?

Never mind and never worry, thanks to our sophisticated diagnostic tools, we will find out what your key needs and we will have it fixed for you.

Here at, we have the adequate experience and means to solve your key programming problems. From common advices to programming, re-programming or supplying new sets of keys, we are your all in one solution

Except your car is required at our premises for further examination, our mobile team can easily be dispatched to your location to cater for your needs. Don’t hesitate, give us a call today.

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