Master Keys

  • How Do Master Key Works?
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Master Keys

With a master key system in place, you can use a single key to access every lock in your home. It doesn’t end there, you can also determine which lock a key can open in the home. For instance, as the father you can have a single key that opens all lock in the home, while you give access key to only places you’ll want your children to have access to.

If you leave in a serviced apartment, you will notice that the manager or super have access to every apartment using a single key. That’s the work of a locksmith, to craft all the working of a lock to work with a single key. They idea is simple, all locks usually have similar inner patterns which can be tweaked to work for a single key known as the Master Key.

How Do Master Key Works?

As will be explained by our professional locksmiths, there’s a way master keys function. Every lock is designed to work with two keys, the specific key and the master key. What you usually have is the specific key that works for that single lock, but with the master key every lock in the category can be opened.

It is the duty of our professional locksmith to help you design the master key that provides you with access to all the locks in the house. There’s actually a master key system that have not less than four set of keys; the change key, master key, grand master key and great grand master key. Each of these keys have their access level to keys.

Why You May Need Master Keys

The most important reason is usually convenience. You don’t need to be carrying around large chunk of keys around in your own house. With a master key, you are also exposed to less vulnerabilities that may result from key duplication since the only key is always with you.

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